Many people are getting ready for their holidays around this time of year, from Morocco to the Maldives and Spain to Sri Lanka. We’ve put together a few travel tips for you to have a look through. Bon voyage!!

Don’t forget-we are fully accredited to administer the Yellow Fever vaccine and we keep many others in stock too!


Travel Vaccinations


We can provide your travel vaccines for you. Just go to our website and download this form. Fill it out and either drop it in to us or e-mail it to us and we will get back to you. A screen grab is fine too if you photograph the form and e-mail us the image.

We can have a look and see if you need vaccines or other medications such as malaria prophylaxis or altitude medication. We will then call you back and advise you and offer to make an appointment to see us if needed. Most travellers will need up to date Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus vaccinations.

We can do some travel vaccines for children too!

The more notice we get the better, but we will always try to oblige those who are a bit more last-minute!

Sun Precautions


We tend to associate sunburn with skin cancer, which is of course very true, however it can have other effects too.

Dehydration and sunstroke are often overlooked and it is important travellers are aware of these risks. Make sure to bring sun block and aftersun that you trust as it may be tricker to source in some areas abroad. Don’t forget to reapply sun block when you come out of the swimming pool or the sea and take especially close care of younger children. This link is very useful and worth a look!

Insect Bites


Mosquitos can transmit many things, including but not limited to Malaria, Dengue fever, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever and Japanese Encephalitis to name but a few. You can take precautions such as:

  • Malaria tablets if you are going to an area where Malaria is transmitted
  • Getting a room on a higher floor (usually above the third)
  • Avoiding wearing aftershave, perfume or scented deodorant and anti-perspirants as mosquitos love this!
  • Changing your clothes regularly as they are also attracted to perspiration
  • Keeping doors and windows closed and air-conditioning on, especially at night
  • Avoiding dark clothing, wearing long sleeves and using DEET 30% or higher
  • Using a mosquito net if you have one

If you do get a lot of insect or mosquito bites and are feeling unwell make sure to get medical help locally. Illness doesn’t take holidays!! Anti-histamines can help ease the itch so it may be worth bringing these with you if you are prone to bites.

Food and Water


We can vaccinate against things like Typhoid and Hepatitis A which are spread by consuming food and drinking water that has not been prepared or stored with the necessary hygiene precautions! However some travellers will get a transient (and much less severe) Traveller’s Diarrhoea from contaminated food and water that tends to last a few days. You can take some precautions though  such as:

  • Taking care when buying street food and avoiding water purchased on the street
  • Buying water in restaurants and supermarkets instead of from street vendors
  • Avoiding ice in drinks
  • Staying away from rare meats, seafood and sushi in certain places
  • Choosing busier restaurants trusted by locals

What else can you do? Rest, rehydrate and be prepared!!

Bring medications such as Dioralyte, Motillium and Imodium. If you feel unwell abroad make sure to seek medical help locally!!



Are you planning on the trip of a lifetime that includes going on the Inca Trail, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or visiting some other high altitude location?

You may need to take medication for altitude sickness or get advice on the symptoms and signs of this potentially life-threatening condition.

If you are visiting this part of the world (or any part of the world!) please come prepared with a detailed itinerary!


We are glad to help you with your travel queries so fill out a form today, send it to us and let us do the rest!! Alternatively you can always call us on 01-8461335 or 018038881. Safe travels!

By Dr. Niall