Influenza vaccine 2022-2023 season

We are currently contacting patients (by text) who are eligible for the flu vaccine (2022-2023 season).

To make the rollout as smooth as possible we are inviting people by age and then by eligibility by condition (e.g. diabetes, asthma, COPD, etc.). We are also vaccinating people opportunistically when they are attending the clinic for other reasons. We hope to have offered & administered the flu vaccine to all eligible patients by the middle of October.

If you are not eligible by age or medical condition, you cannot purchase the flu vaccine privately from us, no exceptions. The HSE will not supply us with flu vaccines for this purpose.

We have not received the inhaled children’s vaccine yet, this will be available in mid October.

Covid vaccine 2022-2023 season

We hope to receive our Covid vaccines by the middle of October. The vaccines we will receive will be combined Omicron/original covid vaccines and we have not received these before. They are brand new.

If you have had no Covid vaccination yet then please click here to arrange your first dose. We will not be receiving vaccines for the primary course, only boosters.

The boosters will be with Moderna or Pfizer. Both are equally efficacious and you will not have a choice of vaccine. All of the population aged 12 and up are eligible. Anyone attending aged 12-17 Must have a parent or guardian present. You must not have had Covid or a Covid vaccine in the 4 months prior to receiving your booster.

We will be texting our patients by age & medical risk, we will also announce it on our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages so it is a good idea to follow these for the latest updates on what is happening in the practice.

Covid vaccines still come in vials containing multiple doses with a short shelf life. As a result we need to run clinics and cannot offer them opportunistically.

Are you eligible for your Covid booster? This link my help you.


General Information

Please note. Different clinics receive their vaccines at different schedules. So if another GP clinic receives their vaccines before we do, there is nothing we can do about this.

Thank you

Niall, Laura & team