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Please read this before you consider calling us (updated on the 28-04-2021 @ 21h45)

Take home messages:

GPs are NOT vaccinating those aged 60-69 (if you are in this age group please click here)

You cannot choose the vaccine you are administered at this point-please don’t ask us as we have no discretion on this.

If you decline a vaccine, we do not know when you will be able to receive it in future.

We will be vaccinating some of those aged 59 and under, starting with the sickest as outlined below.


I am over 70 and have not received my first dose of my Covid-19 vaccine and have no appointment for a Covid-19 vaccine. What can I do?

After Saturday the 17th of April 2021 we will check our list and be doing a catch up clinic for those who have missed out, whether though lack of HSE supplies, hospitalisation or through unwillingness or inability to consent to the vaccine when initially called.

I am over 70 and am waiting on my second dose. Will I be called?

Every patient who is due their second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, who has not already received an appointment for a second dose, will be contacted by Portmarnock GP Clinic, there is no need to call us. Those who received their first dose on Good Friday will get their second dose on either Thursday the 29th of April or Friday the 30th of April.

I am aged between 60-69. Where will my vaccination be?

All of those aged 60-69 will be vaccinated by the HSE. GPs have NO ROLE in vaccinating those aged 60-69. Please click here to register for this process

I am aged between 60-69, how do I register to get my vaccine in the HSE clinic?

You need to register through the HSE portal, online. Please CLICK HERE to register.

I am aged between 60-69 & I am having trouble registering on the portal. Can you help?

We cannot help you with this process, please do not call us about it, please CLICK HERE instead. If you want to speak to someone please call 1850 24 1850. Not all of us are comfortable with computers. Please consider asking a loved one before calling the HSE helpline.

I am aged between 60-69 and would prefer to get my vaccine in Portmarnock GP Clinic.

We have NO ROLE in vaccinating those aged 60-69 and will not be vaccinating these patients in our clinic. We are not insured to do so and we are not receiving the supplies to do this.

What vaccine is being administered to the 60-69 year olds in HSE clinics?

They will be receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I do not want to get the AstraZeneca vaccine. Can I get a Pfizer one with you instead?

No, and if you decline the AstraZeneca vaccine we do not know when you will be offered another vaccine.

Is the AstraZeneca vaccine safe?

Yes, we are happy to endorse it for our patients who are offered it. If you have a history of clots it does not increase your risk of getting a clot after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine. THIS USEFUL LEAFLET is helpful and goes through the vaccine in detail.

I am aged between 18 and 59 and think I am at risk (Cohort 4). When will be getting my vaccine?

GPs will be vaccinating ‘at-risk’ patients AGED BETWEEN 18-59 in our surgeries in late April/early May. This initial grouping will be known as ‘cohort 4’.

The HSE have given us strict criteria to follow. The ‘at-risk’ conditions are:

  • Obesity with a BMI of greater than 40 ( YOU CAN CALCULATE YOUR BMI HERE)
  • Diabetic with a HbA1c >58 within the last 12 months
  • Chronic respiratory disease (Cystic Fibrosis, COPD, Pulmonary Fibrosis)
  • Asthma is NOT included in the initial 18-59 rollout

I am aged between 18 and 59 and think I am at risk (Cohort 7). When will be getting my vaccine?

We will be inviting those in cohort 7 to receive their Covid vaccine after we have vaccinated all of our over seventies as well as those in Cohort 4. This will likely be in the middle of May.

I am aged between 18-59 & live with an ‘at-risk’ person. When will I be getting my vaccine?

You will not be prioritised at this point unless you fall into ‘at-risk’ criteria. This has been decided by the HSE and not us.


Thank you

From Martin, Laura, Niall & all the team in Portmarnock GP Clinic.