We are delighted to now introduce an online booking platform for our patients!



The app involved is called Pippo and you can download it from wherever you normally get your apps for your phone.

This app will allow you to book in with Dr. Laura or Dr. Niall without the need to phone the practice.

Only people who are existing patients of the practice will be able to avail of this.

The app is free to download and the their website has an excellent FAQ section for any queries.

The feedback we have received on this system has so far been very positive.

Please note that when you are registering, your details must match those on our system exactly. So, for example, if we have you registered as ‘James Murphy’ and you attempt to register as ‘Jim Murphy’ the system will decline the registration. If this happens, please try a few iterations of your name before calling the practice for help.

Thank you everyone.