Please read this very carefully for information on the Covid vaccination programme for those aged 18-59 that will be starting in the next few weeks, likely mid May.


The next step in the Covid-19 vaccination programme is for those aged 18-59 who are ‘high risk’.

Theses are also known as Cohort 4 and Cohort 7. They will be vaccinated in General Practices with the Pfizer vaccine.

Provisional estimates are that we will be vaccinating people in our surgery here in Portmarnock from  the week beginning May 25th.


If you are aged between 60-69 please click here-we are not vaccinating those aged 60-69 in General Practices.

If you are aged between 18-59 and have already been vaccinated or if you have an appointment for a vaccination in a hospital setting then please do not apply for another vaccine in Portmarnock GP Clinic. Please do not ask us to make an exception if you are under 18 or over 59.




You are in Cohort 4 (very high risk) if you have a diagnosis of (any one of):

  • Obesity with a BMI greater than 40 (to calculate your BMI, please click here)
  • Diabetes type 1 or type 2 with a HbA1c >58mmol/mol
  • A chronic respiratory illness requiring home oxygen or if you have been admitted to hospital with a chronic respiratory illness in the last 12 months


You are in Cohort 7 (high risk) if you have:

  • An active cancer that you are receiving chemotherapy or radiotherapy or other treatment for, or if you have recently been diagnosed with a cancer and are waiting on whether or not you need further specific treatment
  • Heart Disease (heart failure, evidence of heart damage due to high blood pressure, i.e. ‘left ventricular hypertrophy‘, history of carotid surgery or surgery on the arteries in your legs). It does not include a diagnosis of  high cholesterol or high blood pressure that has been well controlled on medication or diet with no evidence of heart damage as a result.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease with an eGFR level <30ml/minute
  • Chronic Liver Disease (viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, ascites, alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease)
  • Chronic Neurological Disease (Parkinson’s or other neurological disease that significantly affects your breathing)
  • Chronic Respiratory Disease (severe asthma, severe COPD, pulmonary hypertension, Sarcoidosis). A severe asthmatic is one who has had an asthma related hospital admission in the last year or who is on inhaled steroids daily. NOTE:It does not include someone with asthma who uses an occasional Ventolin (blue inhaler) only.
  • Diabetes (type 1 or type 2)
  • Obesity (BMI > 35kg/m2 (please click here to measure your BMI)
  • Immunocompromised (e.g. HIV positive or on long term oral steroid treatment) or other immunomodulators seen in rheumatological conditions, multiple sclerosis, etc


If you fit into one of the categories above please e-mail us on Do not e-mail us on our usual e-mail addresses.

We are only vaccinating patients who are already registered with the practice. Reminder: we are not vaccinating those aged 60-69.

It is essential you include the following in your e-mail:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Reason you feel that you are eligible for a vaccine
  • Your preferred telephone number 

If you meet the criteria we will offer you an appointment for a vaccine.

If you do not meet the criteria then we will not be in a position to offer you a vaccine at this time-please do not contact us in this instance.




  • This programme is for those ‘at-risk’ as per criteria above for those aged 18-59
  • DO NOT e-mail us if you fall outside of  these criteria & do not ask us to make an exception
  • The vaccine to be administered is the Pfizer vaccine, you will require 2 doses if eligible
  • You MUST e-mail us with the information above in your e-mail to, do not use our usual e-mail address please
  • We will be vaccinating people in the week beginning May 25th.


Sincere thank you to everybody

Dr Laura, Dr Martin & Dr Niall