Please read this very carefully.

We got an update today from the HSE about the Covid booster vaccine programme.

We will be booster vaccinating patients aged 70 and over ONLY.

  • Please do not call or e-mail the practice requesting a booster yet.
  • You will receive a text allowing you to register for a Covid booster appointment in mid-November.
  • Our booster supply will not arrive until after November 16th. Again, please do not call us until we have contacted you.
  • We will be doing Covid boosters for our patients aged 70 & upwards ONLY.
  • Those aged 60-69 will be offered a vaccine in the community vaccination hubs. Please check with the HSE as to how you can register for this. Even if you would prefer to receive your vaccine with us we cannot offer you one in this instance.
  • The HSE have been given the numbers of patients registered with our practice aged 70-79 so we will not be receiving extra vaccines for any other cohorts. If you are not aged 70+ please do not call requesting a vaccine.
  • If you are aged 60-69 and a spouse or loved one is 70-79 we cannot offer you a vaccine. Please do not ask us to make an exception in this instance as we are unable to.
  • Please note. All clinics in the country receive their vaccines on different schedules so a neighbour or loved one may receive a vaccines before or after you. This is out of our control.
  • We will only be vaccinating patients who are registered with our practice-there no exceptions to this rule.
  • We will be running afternoon, morning, evening & weekend clinics.
  • The vaccine is free to all those aged 70+


Thanks everyone for your patience & cooperation.


Laura, Martin, Niall & team.