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Corona Virus Updates (Covid 19)

Posted On March 9, 2020 / By / Posted in General Practice News

Corona Virus Updates (Covid 19)

The Corona Virus   Update: 02-04-2020 10.00h   Thanks for checking in on this latest update, please read on carefully before you consider contacting the practice.     The new criteria for

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Posted On September 29, 2017 / By / Posted in General Practice News

Quitting smoking-what’s new?

Quitting smoking is an extremely difficult task, but many patients manage it every year. As GPs we do our best to help and encourage (or cajole!) as necessary when it comes to

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Posted On June 20, 2017 / By / Posted in Latest Health News

Preventing sunburn and tips for aftersun care!

Cloudless skies, brilliant sunshine and busy beaches can be rare in Ireland so when the sun is out, it is only normal that we want to get the full benefit from it!

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Posted On May 2, 2017 / By / Posted in Latest Health News

Are you looking to make positive lifestyle changes?

There is never a bad time to get exercising, reduce your alcohol intake, stop smoking or go on a general health kick! We are always glad to help, especially with smoking cessation,

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Posted On April 29, 2017 / By / Posted in Latest Health News

Keeping blood pressure in check is an important way to stay healthy

We can check your BP for you here in the clinic and we provide a 24h blood pressure monitoring service also!Ā Call us on 01-8461335 for more information. This useful link explains the

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The Covid-19 public health emergency has led to changes in how we go about our daily lives.

In Portmarnock GP Clinic we are open and looking after our patients. Please call us on 01-8461335 or 01-8038881 to make an appointment, or e-mail us onĀ info@portmarnockgpclinic.ie.

We are doing video and phone consults and we are seeing some patients in the surgery.Ā This will be at your treating doctors discretion. We are also back doing blood tests and other essential routine services.

Those attending the practice will not be in contact with otherĀ patients. All patients have to wear a mask.

We have strict social distancing with the use of back entrances to the practice, contactless payments and appropriate masks/gloves/gowns/aprons depending on the situation.

For a full rundown on the changes, please click here

Thanks as always for your patience and co-operation.