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Fevers, pain, widespread vesicular rash, tears and missed days from creche…….there must be Chickenpox doing the rounds! We have seen a number of cases of Chickenpox recently and whilst this common condition

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We regularly see patients who are having issues sleeping and it can be intensely frustrating and upsetting if you are having difficulty getting off to sleep (insomnia). Sleep is complex thing and

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An update on the new Data Protection laws (GDPR)

As you may or may not be aware, changes are afoot in relation to how your personal data is stored, accessed, shared and processed. The law governing this comes from the European Union

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5 Ways to get Healthier in 2018

The new year often brings optimism for those who wish to make lifestyle changes. These changes don’t necessarily have to be costly or (too!) painful and with a bit of creativity you can

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Portmarnock GP Clinic Christmas Update

Christmas Opening Hours     Christmas is nearly upon us and we have had a number of enquiries about what days we will be open to see our patients over the Christmas

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What you need to know about accessing the Maternity & Infant Care Scheme

The Maternity & Infant Care Scheme If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant it can be a busy, enjoyable and occasionally stressful time! We strongly encourage those who may be

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Treating Acne

Acne is a common and usually treatable condition that we see in our surgery regularly. Understandably it is a huge cause of distress for some patients and it is always worth talking

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Flu Vaccine 2017-2018

Winter is coming! We still have flu vaccines in stock and we are arranging appointments for our patient for this service. It is not too late to get yours. Just call us

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Getting your prescription renewed

We will be changing the way we renew prescriptions for our patients from September 1st 2017. We are doing this in an effort to make it safer to renew your prescription and easier

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Skin Cancers

In the clinic we regularly see moles that patients bring to our attention as well as plenty that we spot incidentally over the course of a physical examination. Often a patient may

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