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Corona Virus Updates (Covid 19)

The Corona Virus   Update: 26-03-2020 10.00h   Thanks for checking in on this latest update, please read on carefully before you consider contacting the practice.     The new criteria for

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5 Ways to get Healthier in 2020!

The new year often brings optimism for those who wish to make lifestyle changes. These changes don’t necessarily have to be costly or (too!) painful and with a bit of creativity you can

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Portmarnock GP Clinic Christmas Update 2019-2020!

Christmas Opening Hours 2019-2020     Christmas is nearly upon us and we have had a number of enquiries about what days we will be open to see our patients over the

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Flu Vaccine 2019-2020

Winter is coming and our 2019 season flu vaccine is now in stock!! Before we get into the specifics of this years vaccine, we should address some questions we have been getting

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The Crying Baby

All mothers enrolled on the Maternity & Infant Scheme are entitled to a state covered 2 week and 6 week check for their baby. This is carried out by their GP and

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Hayfever-not to be sniffed at!

If you suffer from hay fever, you will of course know that we are slap bang in the middle of hay fever season! The medical term for this is seasonal rhinitis and we

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The Tropical Medicine Bureau in Portmarnock GP Clinic

Here in Portmarnock GP Clinic we have been running a comprehensive travel medicine service now for the last few years. We are now delighted to be able to offer you an enhanced

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Treating Acne

Acne is a common and usually treatable condition that we see in our surgery regularly. Understandably it is a huge cause of distress for some patients and it is always worth talking

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Fevers, pain, widespread vesicular rash, tears and missed days from creche…….there must be Chickenpox doing the rounds! We have seen a number of cases of Chickenpox recently and whilst this common condition

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Men’s Health

We know that women attend their GP more than men do. Whilst an obvious explanation for this could be that due to pregnancies and contraception as well as cervical screening women have

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